Introduction to pages in English

The Swedish Industrial Heritage Association constitutes the Swedish section of TICCIH. On the right you will find a number of pages with information in English. We hope that the site, although mainly in Swedish, can aid our visitors to discover the rich industrial heritage of Sweden.

Besides the specific pages listed on the right you can always grasp the general contents of every page on this site by using your web browser to open up Google translate. Write the web address and go ahead. The translation is not good, but possibly good enough ...

With or without translation, please visit our pages on industrial heritage sites in Sweden – a guide to the built industrial heritage and its landscapes: Industrihistoriska miljöer/Industrial heritage sites in Sweden. Although in Swedish, you can relate the individual sites to the map of Sweden and also get a glimpse of the information supplied. This will hopefully aid those who are planning to visit Sweden.

On other pages you can find a richness of information on archives, research and other resources, for those wishing to establish closer professional ties in the fields of industrial archaeology, interpretation and the like.

This website was launched in June 2013 and is continually under development.  Please contact us for further information and/or wishes, suggestions, and comments. Send a mail to info(a)