Industrial Heritage Site of the Year

Every year since 1995, the Swedish Industrial Heritage Association has designated the Swedish Industrial Heritage Site of the Year (Årets industriminne). The purpose of the award is to promote industrial heritage and reward long-term and innovative efforts to preserve and interpret facilities or places that tell of industrial society, production, technology and people.

In addition to the basic criteria summarised above an Industrial Heritage Site of the Year important values to be considered is if it is a well preserved site, contains technical equipment that is operable, if it is pedagogic and accessible and if  new knowledge of industrial history and the site is created.

Nominations for the award can be submitted by anyone, that is museums, organisations, as well as individuals. The Board of the Industrial Heritage Association makes the final choice of the awardee of the year.

Links to the awarded sites (with texts in Swedish) are to be found to the right on this page and also on the page in Swedish corresponding to this one.

The award for 2018 goes to Dalslands Kanal AB (Dalsland Channel Company). Read more.

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A°rets industriminne allma¨n